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Soulsational Press Release 2023

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Soulsational Festival  
The "Open Air Market" Interactive Family Festival Experience
July 29, 2023; Gates open at 11am 
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The  "Soulsational" Open Air Market Interactive Family Festival Experience is coming to the Jersey Shore!

“Every year the Epicenter of good vibes at the Jersey shore is the Soulsational Music & Wellness Festival” said the Asbury Park Press and Winner of "The Best Summer Event on the Jersey Shore" & "The Best Family Event in New Jersey"

For the 13th consecutive year, music, wellness and family will be joined together at the Soulsational Festival. It will take place at Veterans Park in Bayville, NJ on July 29, 2023;11am - 8pm. The festival is a FREE commUNITY event featuring music, vendors, classes, crafts, giveaways, a silent auction, and lots of opportunities to give back and unite the Jersey Shore community! It is being sponsored and organized by This event is co-sponsored and supported by Berkeley Township Recreation, The Zen Den Center of NJ, and Leadership United.

The Soulsational Music & Wellness Festival was created to increase awareness of the healthy options within our community, support our local small businesses and offer a unique interactive family experience for all those in attendance. 
We together hope to motivate and inspire our community to find what brings them health and greater happiness while creating lifelong family memories.

The Open Air Market Festival will include music, over 30 FREE classes and events, A kids village with FREE craft stations, art, poets and live demonstrations. The day will have a schedule of FREE events for the entire family, vendors are present for shopping, and please visit the YUMMY Food Trucks and the Spirits Garden. Some featured vendors this year include businesses such as Hannah Mary healing & Reiki, The Meaningful Mala, Michelle Leonard Hypnosis, and more.

There is something for everyone - From start to finish! Set up camp (literally) and spend the entire day!

Featuring on the Main Stage:  Jeff Eisenberg and the Rock & Ram Kirtan Band, The Wag, Gypsy Funk Squad, and  SAVING J.A.D.E.

Class, Workshop, and Activity List is as follows: (Print this Schedule)

** All Experience Levels and Ages Welcome **
** All Admission and Activities are FREE unless noted with "$" symbol. **

All Day: Walking Meditation / Michelle A Leonard Hypnosis
Field Event- Near the Yoga Tent
 All Day - Make A Wish Community Class Tent All Day - Vision Board Making Kimberly Farrell - Soulsational Leader Michelle A Leonard Hypnosis / Community Class Tent   
All Day - Soulsational Paint Party
 Awaken Your Creative Spirit!
*Painting Tent/ Walks up Encouraged $
 All Day - Treasure Hunt
Pick up your treasure hunt board in the kids Village class tent at the Soulsational booth.
(or print it here)
 All Day - Free Craft Stations / While Supplies Last in the Kids Village
11:15 - Continues All Day  - Vision Board Making; Make & Take
Kimberly Farrell - Soulsational Leader  
& Sue O'Reilly  / Community Family Tent

11:15  Feel Good Flow
Kate Lewis - Amethyst Yoga / Yoga Tent

11:15 Happy Hoopers
Danelle Hakim - O-zone Hoops / Family Community Tent

11:15 Make and Take Craft
Amanda McCalip- Soulsational Kids Village Leader / Kids Village

12:00 - ALL DAY - Creating a Peace Mandala  
*Bring an offering Ex. Grain Rice Flowers Pedals Shells, Rocks and / or colored powder
Lisa Potter - Made By Lisa Noelle (Custom Stickers and Art) / Yoga Tent

 12:00 Chakra -Balancing Thai Massage
Cori Dombroski - Hot or Not Yoga / Yoga Tent

12:00 Tuning Forks Chakra Tune Up
Stacey Maloney - Vibrations for the Soul / Family Community Tent
12:00 Yoga With Littles -Family Yoga!
Ambar Gingerelli - Yoga With Littles / Kids Village
12:45 Bhakti Flow Kirtan
Jodie Goff - Shanti Revolution Yoga Shala / Yoga Tent

12:45 How to Read your Birth Chart
Marissa Cramer -Bold as Love Belongings / Family Community Tent
1:00 Be Brave Essential Oil Spray; Make & Take
 Supplies Donated by Michelle Leonard Hypnosis - Zen Den Center / Kids Village

 1:30 Zumba
Shelby Roppolo - Lacey Retro Fitness / Family Community Tent

 1:45 Yogic Acupressure
Camilo Calderon - Mystic Academy of Well-being / Yoga Tent

2:00 Generation POUND
 Nikki Sloan- Generation Pound with Nikki / Kids Village

 2:15 Ear Seed Experience
**First 50 Receive Free Gift Bag **
Alexia Leonard - Supplies Donated by Michelle Leonard Hypnosis - Zen Den Center / Family Community Tent
2:30 Sacred Sound Meditation and Movement
 Louisa Rodriguez-Diaz & Maura Fields - Karmalife Holistic Wellness - Blissful Sisters Retreat / Yoga Tent

2:30 Get SMUDGED! Clearing and Energy Building  
**First 50 Receive Free Gift Bag **   
Hannah Mary - Hannah Mary Healing & Reiki / Community Family Tent

 2:45 Group Healing Circle
 Hannah Mary - Hannah Mary Healing & Reiki / Community Tent

 3:00 Circus Arts by The Dance Centre
Laura Manresa - The Dance Centre / Kids Village

 3:15 Every Now and Zen Gentle Flow
Ashley DeSaro - Pure Toms River Yoga / Yoga Tent

3:30 Ready to Elevate
Michael Edley - Eye of the Spirits / Family Community Tent

4:00 Sun Salutation Moving Meditation
Tracy Reddinger - Tracy Reddinger Yoga / Yoga Tent

4:00 Beginner Hip Hop
Laura Manresa - The Dance Centre / Kids Village

4:30 Breathwork & Sound Bath
Stephanie Delmanto - Sanctuary Yoga & Meditation / Yoga Tent

4:30 How Foods and Environment Affect Health and Well Being
Chris Poorten - Rock Your Health Coaching / Family Community Tent
5:00 Mindful Crafting For Children
Tracy Reid - Tracy from Lacey Wellness & Reiki / Kids Village

5:30 Reiki Healing Circle
Colleen Tola Dopkin - The Reiki and Wellness Center of Manahawkin / Family Community Tent

6:00 Instrument Making
Briyanna McCalip - Soulsational Festival / Kids Village
6:30 Goddess Soul Journey Circle / Family Community Tent

7:00 Soulsational Drum Circle / Main Stage

There are still some opportunities available for businesses to be a part of the festival, including: sponsorship, exhibitor spaces, crafters, a place for one-on-one work, and group practices.

Its all about "Locals Loving Locals", the event is built by the people and for the people to motivate and inspiring health, hope, happiness, and harmony. 


Soulsational Music and Wellness Festival directly supports the education and awareness of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. This is an 100% volunteer run event and we charge NO admission fees. Donations from this event will be donated directly to local Ocean and Monmouth County charities on site; collected pantry food will be given to a local Pantry to distribute who will be onsite. We are also asking for diapers, school supplies, and new toys for the holiday. All donations will remain local with chosen charities in our area. Any donations collected for Soulsational goes directly to produce the event including paying for musicians and our rental fees. We are a Leadership United INC Nonprofit Event 501c3: 85-0878831 and 100% VOLUNTEER COORDINATED.


Contact: Michelle Leonard
Phone: 732-508-7448

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Leadership United INC Nonprofit Event 501c3: 85-0878831

Michelle Leonard’s mission in all aspects of her life is to help make people happy. She believes in building stronger communities through healthier citizens by educating and empowering them with information that inspires and motivates with compassionate support. She is a pioneer and community advocate; and created a not for profit event to better empower people with life changing positive knowledge about greener living and natural health and wellness modalities for personal and planetary wellness; while having an amazing experience. Her goal is to help others Live Positive Today, spread a message of hope and healing, and provide charitable services where she can. She would like to see individuals be inspired and motivated and have the reachable opportunity to restore, revive, rebuild, and recover themselves finding their personal greater happiness.





" Michelle Leonard Inspires and Empowers Through Soulsational Festival, Overcoming Life's Challenges In an extraordinary tale of resilience and compassion, Michelle Leonard, a remarkable individual who has overcome numerous challenges in her own life, is now leading a movement that focuses on helping others find wellbeing and happiness. Through the Soulsational Festival, Michelle has become a beacon of hope, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their true potential and live fulfilling lives. Michelle's journey has been marked by personal struggles and setbacks. From facing health issues to navigating through difficult life circumstances, she understands firsthand the power of perseverance and the importance of supporting others along the way. Determined to transform her own challenges into opportunities for growth, Michelle embarked on a mission to create positive change in her community. With her unwavering spirit and the vision of spreading joy and wellbeing, Michelle founded the Soulsational Festival, an annual event that brings people together to celebrate life, connect with one another, and explore various paths to holistic wellness. This vibrant festival showcases a diverse range of activities, including inspirational talks, interactive workshops, live music performances, and opportunities to connect with local businesses and organizations dedicated to promoting wellbeing. The Soulsational Festival has become a haven for individuals seeking guidance, inspiration, and support. Michelle's own journey serves as a powerful reminder that obstacles can be overcome, and transformation is possible. Through her personal experiences, she empathizes with others facing challenges, fostering a sense of community and shared strength among festival attendees. The festival's workshops cover a wide array of topics, including mindfulness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, art therapy, and personal development. These sessions provide valuable tools and knowledge for attendees to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Moreover, the festival offers a platform for local artisans, healers, and holistic practitioners to showcase their talents and services, fostering a sense of interconnectedness within the community. Michelle's tireless efforts to uplift and support others have garnered widespread recognition and appreciation. Her dedication to promoting wellbeing and empowering individuals from all walks of life has earned her accolades and the admiration of many. People who have attended the festival describe it as a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact on their lives. As the Soulsational Festival continues to grow in popularity, Michelle Leonard's vision of a world where individuals are encouraged to live their best lives gains momentum. Her unwavering commitment to fostering personal growth, supporting holistic wellness, and spreading joy has become a guiding light for countless souls seeking solace and inspiration. In an exclusive interview, Michelle Leonard shared, "My goal is to create a space where people feel seen, heard, and valued. We all face challenges, but it's through connecting and supporting one another that we can find strength and create positive change. The Soulsational Festival is a celebration of life and a reminder that each one of us has the power to overcome, thrive, and uplift those around us." Michelle's story serves as an inspiration to us all, proving that with resilience, determination, and a compassionate heart, one person can truly make a difference in the lives of many. The Soulsational Festival stands as a testament to the transformative power of community, wellbeing, and the indomitable human spirit."