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Soulsational Press Release 2020

Soulsational Festival - 9 1⁄2 The "Open Air Market" Experience
July 25, 2020; Gates open at 11am
Soulsational Music Festival





The  "Soulsational" Open Air Market Experience is coming to the Jersey Shore!

Covid-19 Safety Plan in Action - Here at Soulsational, we have been closely monitoring the spread of Covid-19 across the world and the United States. Like many others, we are deeply concerned about the potential impact of this novel virus and the safety and well-being of our friends, families, participants, and vulnerable populations. We are working closely with the county, city, state, and federal health authorities. We want to ensure that all participants are provided with accurate and up-to-date information as we move forward.  

As of today, we continue to plan and execute this event and have made safety changes to apply with current health affairs. We have decided to remain hopeful and will not hesitate to cancel the event if needed; even if this happens at the last minute. We are 100% a volunteer family, all vendor / sponsor fees go directly to the production of the event. If we DO need to cancel the entire event, before July 11, 2020, because of the national health crisis only, vendor money collected will be returned to those that participated. We stand on our integrity.  This is a non refundable event for all reasons.

 Again, I state, we want to do everything possible to safeguard public health and that will be our first priority as we move forward. This years festival has been recreated as Soulsational 9 1⁄2. A smaller scale event that will encourage social space and good health practices but invigorate small business and safe community and family interaction. Like many other aspects of our daily life, we had to adapt to make it as safe as possible. Creating this day and moving forward will provide some sense of progress and normalcy which is positive in itself. 

Nothing can dim our light or our positive intentions to reach others. At our core we all carry a special light to shine and please do not doubt your capacity to heal, share love, and find joy of all the little things during this most challenging time. We witness firsthand the power of healing and human spirit at our event each year, and we hope to keep that light shining. We will all get through this, together! We will RISE, Together, as a CommUNITY! 

July 8, 2020: *Vendors will be separated by an additional 6 to 10 feet of space.  We are considering ourselves a mask friendly event. Vendors are encouraged to choose to wear masks and or/gloves when engaged with sales & less then 6 feet apart from someone you have not quarantined with. Those visiting the market are encouraged to wear masks if they are interacting with others within 6 feet of themselves. Payments should be collected in a manner that encourages contact-less measures when possible.  All handling of merchandise must be done by each vendor. If  vendors allow touching of merchandise offer hand sanitizer before commencing. No large group congregating in vendor booth areas. No more then 25 people should be around each booth area at a time. No sampling of items. Class participants will be kept 6ft between other participants. These guidelines will be updated based on township, county, and state regulations. Anyone visiting Soulsational is expected to practice social distancing and follow state regulations, as per the Governor's Executive Order, unless otherwise addressed by the State. 

  Should I Wear A Face Mask/ Covering?  – We are a mask friendly event. Face masks are only required by NJ mandate in an outside park setting when within 6ft of someone you do not know.  You do not have to and can use personal preference when wearing a mask when you maintain 6ft+ distance. Visitors should wear a mask when you are in and around: Restrooms or when making a Sales Transaction. Masks will be available to purchase on site. Keep 6 feet of social distance between yourself and others. If you are visiting a park, do not leave home without your mask! We respect that someone may not be able to wear a mask due to health reasons.You don’t have to wear the mask when with your family but be sure to #MASKUP around others.  Learn more about how to visit parks safely from the CDC:  

It is our expectation that people visiting Soulsational will understand the necessity of the guidelines we have put into place to protect and serve our community. You are part of the Solution . Lets show the world we can do this together, we can do this right,  and be safe.   

July 18, 2020 - One week to Soulsational! Today I’d like to take a minute to honor the Soulsational team of visionaries; past, present, and future! I am blessed and grateful to stand next to an amazing team that has been dedicated to the mission.  Our mission is to unite the commUNITY in a safe & family focused environment that inspires both health and happiness - And we all do it as volunteers and vendors! Together we are working towards shining a positive light and providing an uplifting spirit for the community to enjoy!

For the past nine years we took an idea and organically grew it from nothing. Soulsational itself is like a symphony; each person plays an important part. Each volunteer, each leader, each activity host, down to all the attendees, and each person that brings a donation that will feed a hungry local neighbor is important! 

This year for Soulsational 2020, instead of cancelling the event, we took a watch and wait approach through an incredible moment in history. 

As we got closer to the summer, we dedicated our time to recreating the event into a much smaller scale day while staying true to the Soulsational mission and complying with the forever evolving town, state, and national guidance. There was a percentage of the community that wanted us to create it and this was part of the deciding force.

Soulsational 9 1/2 - The open-air market experience is the event that has risen from the challenges of 2020. 

See what we did there - we saved the big Soulsational 10 for a healthy year that brings us a big sigh of relief and freedom away from these uncertain times. 

We redesigned the event to fit into our Covid-19 world; like many others have done and are doing. For 2020 - doing the right thing - we removed all 100% festival congregating aspects. We removed all 100% of those things that promoted sharing of supplies, contact activities, or multiple surface touching. We removed all tighter areas of the event that encouraged closer contact between people. And we will rope off and put signage not to use communal dining tables. All those things are gone! 

Soulsational 9 1/2 - is less than half the size it normally is because that’s what we created it to be - SAFE & Responsible. We redesigned the farm market shopping rows responsibly so that it’s easy and intuitive for families to stay six feet apart. Soulsational is on an enormous field and we utilized this space to separate all vendor shopping spaces by 6 feet on all 4 sides of them. We created and only welcomed activities that mimicked the state rules on outside fitness classes and summer camp like recreation activities. We have great food onsite that complies with outside dinning rules; you can picnic 6 ft apart and have a great time. We are Promoting Healthy Hygiene Practices and each leader has access to their own stock of supplies to comply at their station.  Informational Bulletins have been created to ensure broad awareness and dissemination of critical information that will be posted at the event. Leaders have reviewed Infection Prevention documentation, Infection Control resources, and proper use of PPE. Other than the Porta-Potties and Restrooms we have no indoor facility rules that need to be complied with. Please wear masks inside restrooms. Hand washing is available in the restrooms on sight and hand sanitizer has been made available outside the porta potties - like every year. Security is alert to limiting the total capacity of any outdoor area to a number that ensures that all individuals can remain six feet apart. Because the park is so big, we have separated everything a great deal, and we have eliminated 100% of the congregating activities - I would never expect this to occur within this climate of affairs. Additional facts are on the website at by clicking COVID-19 Soulsational Response Plan. 

The biggest question we are receiving, Face coverings - Face coverings are recommended by the state guidelines when social distancing cannot be maintained. Face coverings are not recommended for children under the age of 2. Face coverings are not recommended for volunteers or attendees when doing so would inhibit the individual’s health. HIPAA mandates that everyone has the right to their private health information. Again, state executive order mandates that face coverings should be worn when not physically distancing.

In closing, I’m proud of our team and what has been re-created for the commUNITY. We have created SAFEsational - a physically distancing and socially responsible family event. I, myself chose to take the time to respect other people’s feeling and physical space; and I expect all who attend to do the same. It is our expectation that people visiting Soulsational will understand the necessity of the guidelines we have put into place to protect and serve our community. I will not tolerate “hate” speech towards myself, any of my volunteers, or the attendees. We will not discriminate against others for their personal beliefs. I encourage everyone to come out to a safe outdoor, inspirational and recreational market. Bring your families - away from the busy boardwalks and beaches - spread out a picnic blanket (6 ft away from another family) and enjoy a great day full of free things and make wonderful memories. We will get through this together! We will RISE together! Let’s show the world we can do this right and be safe, all the while supporting local small businesses and the families of our community.

“Every year the Epicenter of good vibes at the Jersey shore is the Soulsational Music & Wellness Festival” said the Asbury Park Press and Winner of "The Best Summer Event on the Jersey Shore" & "The Best Family Event in New Jersey"
For the 10th consecutive year, Music & Wellness will be joined together at the Soulsational - Open Air Market - to take place at Veterans Park in Bayville, NJ on July 25, 2020, 11am -7pm. The festival is a free community event featuring music, vendors, giveaways, a silent auction, and lots of opportunities to give back and unite the Jersey Shore community! It is being sponsored and organized by Leadership United and This event is sponsored and supported by Berkeley Township Recreation and The Zen Den Center. We still have room to add more sponsors this year. 

The Soulsational Music & Wellness Festival was created to honor, share, and explore the many healing paths devoted to wellness right here on the Jersey Shore. Its goal is to increase awareness of the healthy options within our community, support our local small businesses and offer a unique interactive family experience for all those in attendance.
We together hope to motivate and inspire our community to find what brings them health and greater happiness while creating lifelong family memories.

The Open Air Market will include music, numerous social distancing free group classes, A kids village, art, poets and live demonstrations. The day will include a schedule of FREE events for the entire family of all ages; and have vendors and Food Trucks. Some featured vendors this year include businesses such as Hannah Mary Reiki, The Meaningful Mala and Broadway on Main...  plus more. There is something for everyone - From start to finish!

Featuring on the Main Stage: 12:00 - 3:00 The Wag

Class, Workshop, and Activity List is as follows: (Print this Schedule)

** All Experience Levels and Ages Welcome **
** Please Social Distance**
** All Admission and Activities are FREE unless noted. **

All Day: Walking Meditation / Michelle A Leonard Hypnosis

All Day - Community UNITY Canvas  - Decorate a Puzzle Piece / Soulsational Stage
All Day - Make A Wish / Family Class Tent
11:15 Activate Awareness Gentle Yoga - Tracy Reddinger - Yoga Fire Yoga Flame / Yoga Tent
11:15 Kids Hunt To Build a terrarium - Amanda McCalip - Soulsational Leader / Kids Tent
11:15  Pound -   Lisa Pepper - POUND with Pepper  / Family Class Tent
11:30 Paint Party - "Love Bugs" 16x20 canvas (with Fee) - Eves Creations Paint Party
Painting Tent -  Reservation Available
12 - 3 pm  Live Music  - The Wag - Main Stage
12:00 Dance/Movement Therapy  
 Molly Arney - Energy Dance Healing & Wellness, LLC -Family Class Tent
12:00 Yoga With Littles / Family Yoga for all ages!
 Ambar Gingerelli - Mama Bird Well Nest / Kids Tent
12:00 From the Heart Vinyasa - Julie Albert - From the Heart, Yoga & Surf / Yoga Tent
1:00 Planting Seeds - Amanda McCalip - Vivid Designs
1:30  Grounded & Grateful - Bridget Riepl - NJ Yoga Collective / Yoga Tent
1:00 ​Lumba- Lisas Rumba - Lisa Sibaja / Family Class Tent
2:00 Healthy Cooking for Kids! - Erin B - E.Bee's Organics LLC / Kids Tent
2:00 Tae Kwon Do Demo Team & Class - Master Neil Vamdenberge /Lacey Kum Sung /Family Class Tent
2:15  Bhakti Flow - Jodie Goff - Shanti Revolution / Yoga Tent   
2:30 Paint Party - "Love Conquers All" Beach 16x20 canvas (with Fee)
Eves Creations Paint Party / Painting Tent -  Reservation Available
2:45 Aromatherapy - Wearing Essential Oils with Braided Bracelets
Jodi Sherman - Naturally Empowered / Kids Tent
3:00 - Close: Creating a Peace Mandala - Shanti Revolution / Yoga Tent
3:00 Crystal Singing Bowls - Beth Connelly - Ancestral Wisdom Healing  / Yoga Tent
3:00 Body Flow and Balance - Frank Kellogg - Kellogg Fitness / Family Class Tent
3:30 Bird Feeder Crafts! - Amanda McCalip from Vivid Designs / Kids Tent
4:00  Reggae Summer Flow - Elizabeth Law -  Ananda Wander  / Yoga Tent
4:00  Energy Smudging for Clearing - Hannah Mary Reiki. / Family Class Tent
4:30 The Wonder of Magic with Amelia / Kids Tent
5:00  Soulsational Talent & Variety Show / Kids Tent - Broadway on Main - Angelina Lorenzo
5:00 Soulsational Flow - Emily Cullen / Yoga Tent 

5:00 A Meditation to Relax and Restore / Diana Fiore  - Choose Happiness Adventures / Family Class Tent
 5:30 Paint Party - "Mindful Meditation at Sunset" 16x20 canvas (with Fee)
Eves Creations Paint Party / Painting Tent -  Reservation Available
 6:00 Vision Board Workshop – Make & Take
Kimberly Farrell - Soulsational Leader / Family Class Tent 
6:15 Children's Nature and Drum Circle / Main Stage
Katherine Gyantar  &  Ember Wolf - Four Arrows Education and Healing
7:00 Soulsational Drum Circle – Bring your drums or noise makers. / Main Stage

There are still some opportunities available for businesses to be a part of the festival, including: sponsorship, exhibitor spaces, crafters, a place for one-on-one work, and group practices.

A big Thank You to the 2020 sponsors including; Berkeley Township Recreation, Leadership United, Michelle A Leonard Hypnosis, Hannah Mary Reiki, Broadway on Main, Shanti Revolution and The Meaningful Mala.

Its all about "Locals Loving Locals" and motivating and inspiring health, hope, happiness, and harmony.

Soulsational Music and Wellness Festival directly supports the education and awareness of living an optimal wellness lifestyle, healthier living options, and spreading the Live Positive Today Movement. This is an 100% volunteer run event and we charge NO admission fees. Donations from this event will be donated directly to local Ocean and Monmouth County charities on site; collected pantry food will be given to a local Pantry to distribute. We are also asking for diapers, school supplies, and new toys for the holiday. All donations will remain local with chosen charities in our area who attend the festival. Any donations collected for Soulsational goes directly to help produce the event including paying for musicians. We are a non profit event and 100% VOLUNTEER COORDINATED.


Contact: Michelle Leonard
Phone: 732-508-7448

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Alternative Health Solution of NJ's has a not for profit mission is to enhance the positive quality and development of individual, family, and community life by providing and showcasing services that are available, accessible, and responsive to the needs of those seeking assistance, and to work with the community to educate, contribute, facilitate, and promote solutions for the enrichment of all. Connecting people, enriching lives.

Michelle Leonard’s mission in all aspects of her life is to make people happy. She believes in building stronger communities through healthier citizens by educating and empowering them with information that inspires and motivates with compassionate support through awareness. She is a pioneer and community advocate of the Optimal Wellness Lifestyle™ movement and has created a not for profit event to better empower consumers with life changing positive knowledge about green and natural health modalities for personal and planetary wellness. Her goal is to help others Live Positive Today™, spread a message of hope and healing across America, and provide charitable services where she can. She would like to see individuals be inspired and motivated and have the reachable opportunity to restore, revive, rebuild, and recover themselves finding their personal greater happiness.


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Contact: Michelle Leonard